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Once you have activated your account at MEGALOI, you must request (if desired) the free migration service within your client area.

The steps to follow are these:

  1. Provide username and password that you use to access your control panel (cPanel) of previous hosting provider.
  2. Change the DNS servers in your domain.

    The registrar where you registered your domain offers the possibility to change the name servers of your domain in order to point them to MEGALOI's servers.

    The DNS servers you should use will be provided by MEGALOI via email once your account is activated.

    You should note that there is a period that is set in the DNS servers to store information (TTL) that makes migration from one server to another take up to 36 hours.

    So if your website has constantly varying data (forums, e-commerce, etc.) the best option is to synchronize the two databases (the old server and the MEGALOI) , or you can lock in the old website the possibility of users to modify data, until finally all the requests access the MEGALOI's servers.

  3. Wait for the changes you made to your DNS servers spreads throughout the WWW.
  4. Turn off the old server, as long as you are certain that no user (or search engine robot) still access them.

MEGALOI is committed to making every effort to migrate your website to MEGALOI's servers network. However, migrations are provided as a courtesy service, MEGALOI therefore does not guarantee the possibility or availability of time required to perform a migration account.


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